Welcome to ØMANDS, possibly the most devoted bacon restaurant on the planet. We are a passionate team of bacon aficionados, relentlessly pursuing culinary excellence in every dish we craft for our cherished customers. We create nearly everything from scratch because it must be worthy of our homemade bacon. From appetizers to main courses, from burgers to desserts, every dish features our signature bacon. At ØMANDS, we are truly bacon connoisseurs at heart.


Embark on a culinary journey with us, where you can begin by indulging in a bacon tasting experience featuring five distinct varieties of this savory delight. Alternatively, opt for an exclusive adventure and savor caviar paired with raw bacon.

Continue your gastronomic voyage by sampling our homemade Caesar salad, daringly spice up your palate with our take on chili con carne, or perhaps relish the succulent and crisp Pluma meat, a cut sourced from a Spanish pig.

If burgers are your passion, you’ve come to the right place. Our burgers are masterpieces, each served with a homemade bun, juicy meat, our signature homemade mayonnaise, pickles etc., and, of course, bacon.

Conclude your culinary odyssey with our homemade bacon gelato, or explore our array of other captivating gelato flavors.


With a dedication to the beauty, passion, and science of bacon, this book will inspire you into the true art of bacon. Armed with everything you need to know about making bacon, becoming a Masterchef in cooking with bacon and much more crisp content.

An English ePub version will soon be available on various platforms around the world.

The ultimate coffee table hardback book will be available in November 2023 on selected platforms.

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