With a dedication to the beauty, passion, and science of bacon, this book will inspire you into the true art of bacon. Armed with everything you need to know about making bacon, becoming a Masterchef in cooking with bacon and much more crisp content.

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No matter how skilled you are in making bacon or cooking bacon recipes at home, the book will guide you and supplement your bacon-awesomeness. You can expect 76 mouthwatering recipes for bacon, 38 classic and peculiar types of bacon that will blow your mind, an in-dept practical guide of starting your bacon empire at home and much more crisp content.

THE FOUNDATION OF BACON The first part of the book offers a few words about me (the Baconista), some wise words about bacon and of course about the mighty pig that gives us bacon. 

THE SCIENCE OF PERFECT BACON You will learn how the perfect bacon is made – from curing, smoking to dry aging, including easy steps on how to set up a bacon empire at home.

A VAST SELECTION of 22 classic and peculiar types of bacon from whisky-infused bacon to bacon with dehydrated orange will be yours to drool over.

BACON IS NOT JUST BACON as you will learn in a chapter dedicated to 16 unique pigs and the different kinds of bacon they produce.

AMAZING RECIPES FEATURING BACON 76 unique and mouthwatering recipes around bacon. Breakfast, pintxos, sandwich, BBQ, main courses, dessert, and cakes. Be intriqued…

BACON AND BOOZE, YOU SAY? Yes, the book will also deal with this beautiful combination (in a responsible way of course), when selected whiskys and beers are paired with bacon in the book’s final chapter. 

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